Masterclass Violin, Viola - Karlovy Vary 2024


Masterclass Violin, Viola - Karlovy Vary,

17. 8. - 24. 8. 2024

Professors: Zakhar Bron, Maurizio Sciarretta – violin

Jitka Hosprová, Viola

Irina Vinogradova – piano cooperation

The Walks in Art Festival and the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra present the world's violin and viola talents in a joint Masterclass 2024. Under the masterful guidance of Professors Zakhar Bron, Maurizio Sciarretta and Jitka Hosprová, young performers will perform with a professional musical ensemble.

Participants are selected on the basis of their achievements in international competitions. This unforgettable experience gives them the opportunity to grow as performers and inspire them for the further development of a young musical personality. It offers a unique concentration of talents who can influence the world of music in the future. Young violin virtuoso (10 – 24 years old) from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland and Germany are on their way to success, and Masterclass 2024 provides them with first-class facilities and partnerships of institutions that share the enthusiasm of young talents, their immense diligence and desire to succeed.

Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra - conductor Jiří Štrunc

Program of courses :

17. 8. - Opening Concert of Professors

21. 8. - Chamber concert of students

22. 8. - rehearsal of the with the orchestra

23. 8. – dress rehearsal and concert with orchestra

The price of 1200 euros includes: 5 lessons - 50 min

Chamber Concert with Piano

Concert with KSO

Professional video recording

Certificate of Participatio

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