Festival History

 The first year of the festival was in 2012. It was held in various localities in the Pilsen region, where viola player Jitka Hosprová, the founder of the festival, is from. The success it engendered led to it being extended from 2015 to the capital Prague with a unique concept. Here too, the project quickly gained followers and a regular public; it was held in attractive cultural venues. Partners in Prague are the Gallery of the City of Prague, the Kampa Museum and the Gallery Miro.

The aim of the festival is to seek mutual paths between music, the performing arts and history. The offer was warmly received by the Prague public which began to appreciate this form of experience enriched by the integration of cultural and historical attractions. The main focus of the programme is on quality, originality and colour of evenings which are always unique, This obviously requires careful preparation ; at the same time, it guarantees the exclusivity of each and every evening.The quality is guaranteed by top-level musicians and ensembles , both Czech and foreign, as well as persons from the theatre, major exhibitions and attractive cultural locations.

An important contribution to the project is the regular support and restoration of historical objects in the northern Pilsen region, where the festival has opened up events representing its cultural life.

Over its lifetime, the festival has supported the restoration of selected works in volunteer collections to the tune of 800 000 Czech crowns.